Nexus Interpreting was founded after 15 years of direct interpreting experience in the Kansas City community; experience at the highest level of certification.

We are equipped to provide you with the best interpreting services available.

Certified. Licensed. Insured.

There is no extra charge for same day requests.

All assignment information is kept strictly confidential.

All of our interpreters are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

  Sign Language Interpretation combines skill, experience, training and a deep understanding of the subtle nuances of language and culture. Without proper knowledge of these elements, interpretations can be skewed and meaning can be lost.

That is why, especially in cases that involve medical or legal issues, you want to be confident your interpreter is conveying the true meaning.
Nexus Interpreting provides ONLY the most highly QUALIFIED and CERTIFIED interpreters, who bring years of valuable experience to meet your needs.

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